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As an experienced industry professional, Isologic has gained expertise in a number of fields
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Supplier Express Audits

Why should my suppliers be audited?
The selection of reliable suppliers is an extremely difficult task. Often, the number of suppliers in a given field of supply is already limited from the outset.

The important role of suppliers and their significant and direct impact on the internal processes of the client is seldom fully understood. Only when the client’s customer complains about inferior quality and late delivery (indirectly caused by the supplier) , will an investigation be started.

Often, the repair costs by the client are not even identified as such, until they begin to show an impact on overall cost and profit, not to mention the future reputation. In reality, the client has taken over the quality functions of the supplier and hence also all the cost involved.

However, there is a solution to this significant problem. If a supplier does not maintain a formal quality management system, preferably to ISO 9001:2008, then he should be requested to do so within a reasonable period of time.

After the successful implementation, an independent third party audit will be conducted and if compliant, a certificate of compliance will then be issued. Thereafter, one or two audits per annum, depending on the size of the supplier, will be conducted to assure the proper maintenance of the quality management system.
The supplier becomes an approved supplier. Should then at any stage formal certification be required, the whole process is already in place and one audit by an accredited certification body will lead to it.

How Isologic can help!
Isologic has the knowledge and expertise to assist your business in establishing a supplier quality management system that will provide you with the following assurance:

  • Maintaining prescribed quality levels.
  • On time delivery.
  • The lowest possible cost and hence price.
  • Early warning of product and or service problems.
  • Continuous status feedback.
  • Supplier becomes an integral part (partner) of the overall process.