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As an experienced industry professional, Isologic has gained expertise in a number of fields
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ISO Compliance Systems

What is ISO?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an organisation that develops, publishes and is also the guardian of International Standards.
A network of national standard institutes that is comprised of 163 member countries participates in the global standardisation process. The head quarter is known as the Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, and all system developments are coordinated from that base.

ISO is a non-governmental organization where the public and private sectors participate to find solutions that effectively help to bring about international conformity in various standards. Governmental institutions of member states are sometimes involved when it comes to standards that affect certain risks like health and safety, food safety or environment. Industry associations are partnering with national bodies to contribute and review standards.

ISO ultimately provides solutions to benefit business and the broader needs of society. For more information on the ISO organisation visit their website at http://www.iso.org/iso/about.html and get a more in-depth look at what services they provide.

What should I know?

It is important to know that there are two main-groups of standards, they are:

  • Product Standards
  • Management Standards

Let us take a moment to consider Management Standards.

The Standard for Quality Management has the identification “code” ISO 9001:2015 (the first number 9001 identifies the standard- in this case the standard for quality management- and 2015 identifies the year the standard was adapted by all the member states that belong to the International Standard Organisation).

Whenever standards are developed or revised, the International Standard Organisation (also known as the International Organization for Standardization) will advise all roll players -and in particular the accredited certification bodies who audit on specific standards they are accredited for- when the new or revised standard is taking effect and the companies have to be audited on the new, globally agreed specifications.

The companies then have to adapt and change there documentation in order to comply. This will be done at an agreed time-frame. In the case of ISO 9001:2000 an update was made in the year 2008 and the companies had until the 15.11.2010 to comply with the changes and after that date the accredited certification bodies where auditing to ISO 9001:2008 and did not accept the version from the year 2000. Now a new revision is available since September 2015 which is called ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is the current standard for Quality Management as agreed upon by the technical committee (TC) of the International Standard Organisation. The structure of this standard builds the basis on which all other management standards are hinged (e.g. ISO14001:2015 Standard for environmental management, ISO BS OHSAS 18001:2007 ETC.).

It is the starting point for every documented system that wants to comply to international standards and builds the backbone of integrated management systems. The beauty of it is that once you implemented ISO 9001:2008 it becomes ease to add other management systems, especially risk management elements or technical standards demanded by accreditation bodies (like UKAS or SANAS).

What can Isologic do for you?

The good news for you is that most likely if you are in business for a couple of years you have already procedures in place that control your processes (for example what you do to order goods and services) but nobody ever made the attempt to write it down, or you just have bits and pieces of documentations.

Your control systems are usually in place and computerised like in the case of electronic financial or production control packages that are tweaked for various industries (accounting software like QuickBooks, etc.). It might be as simple as checklists or spread sheets to create records that you can analyse in order to improve your business and detect problems or find improvement opportunities.

ISOLOGIC has developed a unique methodology that ensures that your company is able to comply to ISO 9001:2015 in record time.

Our systems where successfully implemented in more then 350 companies nationally and internationally and audited by many accredited international certification and by more then 100 different auditors and has a hundred percent success rate when it comes to certifications.

We will:

  • write for you all the policies and procedures applicable to your business
  • make use of your existing staff to maintain the system once it is implemented
  • train all management and staff in an efficient and time saving way to understand what role they play and
  • create a system that does not affect your production and gives you confidence that you are in control

Our clients attest to our success and are our best advertisers. In our training we are serious in transferring all our knowledge to the Management Representatives of your company and most of all we make sure that your documented systems are as simple as possible because we believe that the simpler a system is designed the more cost-effective it becomes and the more easy it is understood by all involved.

We do not just sell you a system. We are driven and motivated to help you achieve quality so that your clients will be confident that they will get what they asked for on time all the time.