About Isologic

Isologic was started in 1999 because of the growing need to support a wide range of industries in implementing Quality Management Systems. We realised the need to assist companies in applying the various standards in a logical and cost effective manner to help them to make there customers happy and improve ultimately there profits by avoiding mistakes and learning how to continuously improve there processes.

We have started our business as a local company in Cape Town, South Africa and expanded it in the last couple of years throughout South Africa and internationally.The former Managing Director and founder of DEKRA Certification Services in South Africa ( International accredited certification body in Stuttgart, Germany ) Horst Lammermeyr has assisted us in improving our understanding of quality which now enables us to implement simple and hence highly effective Quality Management Systems.

In more than 15 years we have assisted over 350 companies in obtaining ISO standard certification and also SANAS accreditation at a 100% success rate.
By customer and industry demand, we have extended our services to cover most of the ISO standards including risk management systems(14001, 18001, 22000).

In all our years in business we became known to industry and competitors alike as trend-setters when it came to price and delivery of ISO compliant management systems. After being labelled “cheap and cheerful” when we started out, we have over the years become the standard when it comes to expertise and customer care.

We consider ongoing training of employees vital in understanding and maintaining their Quality and Risk Management Systems and offer therefore courses that help to grasp the ideas of management systems and are tailor-made to the clients needs.

Supplier and sub-contractor control on behalf of our clients is another service, which we offer and which we consider an essential element in reaching customer satisfaction.Now we again set a new benchmark by franchising our business concept and unique methodology to people who are really interested to help companies to improve there competitiveness and there desire to make a difference by implementing quality and risk management systems that make sense to the client and meet the requirements of standards of ISO.